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"Cheech Wizard goes to Berlin"

A Tribute to Vaughn and Mark Bode

After two years, Overkill invites the legendary comic character "Cheech Wizard" and it's illustrator Mark Bodé back to Berlin again. The San Francisco-based artist took one weekend off to present his and his father Vaughn Bodé´s eclectic work in Berlin.

On Saturday, May 17th, Overkill Shop Berlin will celebrate the launch of the world's first and limited edition of Puma Bosé sneakers. More Bodé from 8 pm on in the halls of Berghain, where the vernissage of "Cheech Wizard goes to Berlin" will take place. This notorious space will form a perfect symbiosis with "Cheech Wizard"´s explicit humour. Bodé will perform live by 9 pm and will be accompanied by a minimal music set. Free entry for both events at Overkill Shop and the exhibition at Berghain.


Puma Bodé Sneaker Premiere and Signing

We thank you all for coming! It was a big success! Pics and reviews will be soon on this place! (FART…)

The Puma Basket II Bodé

Worldrelease am 17. Mai 2008 im Overkill Shop!

Vaughn Bodé made a name for himself in the world of underground comics, graphic art and design, as well as graffiti. Mark Bodé, Vaughn’s son, and also a graphic artist in his own right, teamed up with PUMA to design the limited edition sneakers in order to keep the Bodé magic alive.

Boston, February 2008 — PUMA® continues the successful partnership with renowned comic artist Vaughn Bodé, which kicked off back in Spring 2007. This first very limited edition launch of the Bodé Clyde was created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the creation of Vaughn Bodé’s iconic cartoon character, the Cheech Wizard. Bodé’s most memorable comic creation, Cheech Wizard, is a wizard whose large yellow hat covers his entire body except his big red feet.

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