Faulty articles and bad quality are never a happy topic, especially when your favourite sneakers break after a few weeks or your only winter jacket dies on you just days before your winter holidays. To make it easier for all parties, please contact us first in case of void warranty, so that we can solve the issue together and to both parties' content.

NOTE: Please be aware that normal use does not count as grounds for a void warranty. It can happen that prolonged use leads to premature defects and failures in the material, which is not covered by the warranty. Make sure to switch shoes once in a while!

We make sure to offer only the best quality products in our store. However, it can happen that a product is damaged or flawed. If you happen to receive an article that you believe is faulty, you are allowed to replace it within the legally required 24 month warranty period (§ 438 BGB). In order to do so, please send us an email at [email protected] or give us a call on +49 (0) 30 695 061 26.

Warranty period notes and information: 

  1. There needs to be a material defect, in other words, the article has to have been damaged in production or transport. Damages due to wrong or too intense use, for example, are not covered.
  2. If a material defect is present within the first six months, the law states that the defect must have been present at the time of sale, and the seller is required to dispute this, should they deem necessary.
  3. The buyer must allow the retailer or the producer the right to replacement or repair (§ 439 BGB).