Refunding money and eventual postage fees in case of a recall

As a retailer, we are legally required to refund your money or replace your goods within 30 days of receiving your return package. We aim to refund your money or send out a new package within a week of receiving it. However, it can happen that, due to large amounts of refunds (i.e. after the winter holidays) for example, our system becomes backed up and we are not able to refund your money within a week. Please bear with us in case this should happen to you as your refund will be with you in 14 days at most. The refund is usually through the selected purchase method or by wire transfer*.

You can call us on : +49 (0) 30 695 061 26 or drop us a mail: [email protected] to find out about the status of your refund.


*PayPal payments are only refunded to the same account/address!