Image of a young man wearing a white t-shirt, a black vest and and black hat by the apparel brand Arte Antwerp

Arte Antwerp

Arte Antwerp is a premium streetwear label and was founded in 2009 by Bertony Da Silva.

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As the brand name suggests, the brand comes from Antwerp, Belgium. Arte is the Portuguese word for art. Da Silva has Portuguese roots, studied graphic design and has always been interested in various fields, such as art, interior design, architecture, photography and music.

Antwerp may be the city of diamonds and haute couture, but when it comes to streetwear, the town has long lagged behind. On his trips to London or Paris, Da Silva realized how diverse streetwear can be and decided to start his own label. Even though the beginnings were not easy, Arte Antwerp has made a name for itself in the streetwear scene.

The designs of the brand are characterized by minimalism, but at the same time, they are colorful and eye-catching. The cuts are classic and elegant and the large prints reflect the graphic designer's ethos. The brand finds inspiration from artists, singers or current trends. Modern arts are also incorporated into the collections, organic shapes are contrasted with geometric and futuristic designs. Represented in all collections are streetwear basics such as T-shirts, long sleeves or hoodies. The Arte logo of the brand comes sometimes discreetly, or sometimes as a large print. Arte Antwerp follows in design the claim "less is more", but even this credo can quickly become tedious and is accordingly adapted to the collections.