Two pairs of black Merrell sneakers on white surface.


Merrel is an US-American brand of hiking boots and was founded in 1981.

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Randy Merrell was originally a cowboy boot maker, but as he couldn't find suitable hiking boots, he produced them himself. In 1981, the M1 Wilderness Boot was born, a model that is still part of the portfolio today. Through word-of-mouth and advertisements in local newspapers, Merrell made a name for himself. He also attracted the attention of two businessmen, Clark Matis and John Schweizer, who came from the Rossignol Ski Company. The two men had been looking for the perfect outdoor and hiking boots for some time. So the three got together and founded the Merrell Boot company. Each of the three had a special skill. Randy Merrell brought his product design and quality craftsmanship skills, Clark Matis his manufacturing and marketing knowledge, and John Schweizer contributed his business acumen and Italian leather sources. Today, Merrell is a leading brand in the outdoor segment and stands for innovative products that combine the spirit of adventure with functionality. Merrell's shoe collection is particularly outstanding. From hiking boots and trail running shoes to casual footwear, the brand offers a wide range tailored to the needs of outdoor enthusiasts. Merrell relies on innovative technologies such as Vibram soles, GORE-TEX membranes, and special cushioning systems to maximize comfort and functionality. With the various shoe models from Merrell, you can upgrade your outfits, especially with Gorpcore.