Various MTN spray cans in different colors and sizes.

MTN Cans

MTN was founded in 1994 as Montana Colors in Barcelona.
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Water Based Fluorescent 400 ml
Unit price €19,75 / l
Fluorescent Blue Fluorescent Fuchsia Fluorescent Green Fluorescent Red Fluorescent Yellow + 2 more
94 fluorescent 400 ml
Unit price €11,88 / l
Fluorescent Blue Fluorescent Fuchsia Fluorescent Green Fluorescent Orange Fluorescent Red Fluorescent Violet Fluorescent Yellow + 4 more
94 paint 400 ml
Unit price €11,50 / l
RV-197 Penelope Brown RV-198 Stardust Grey RV-199 Java Green RV-20 Party Yellow RV-200 Plancton RV-2004 Orange RV-201 Scarlet Pink RV-202 Mosquito Brown RV-203 Oak Brown RV-204 Interrail Brown RV-205 Warrior Brown RV-207 Mango RV-241 Madrid Red RV-243 Babylon Blue RV-245 Cyan RV-265 Sonar Green RV-266 Psycho Green RV-267 Sulfur Yellow RV-268 Tramontana Blue RV-269 Genesis Blue RV-27 Vampire Violet RV-270 Formentera Blue RV-271 Mystic Green RV-272 Mint Green RV-273 Iguana Green RV-274 Reverend Violet RV-275 Raval Violet RV-276 Bishop Violet RV-277 Disco Pink RV-278 Joker Pink RV-279 Rosario Pink RV-28 Cosmos Violet RV-280 Hulk Green RV-281 Laser Green RV-282 Laos Green RV-283 Sultan Violet RV-30 Electric Blue RV-300 Tofu Grey RV-3001 Vivid Red RV-3004 Bordeaux Red RV-3007 Cherokee Red RV-301 Placebo Grey RV-3017 Fever Red RV-302 Koala Grey RV-3020 Light Red RV-303 Native Grey RV-304 Balboa Grey RV-305 Cloud Grey RV-306 Winter Grey RV-307 Jaws Grey RV-308 Whale Grey RV-309 Chernobyl Grey RV-310 Republic Violet RV-311 Woodstock Violet RV-312 Sagan Blue RV-313 Martinez Blue RV-314 Rosemary Blue RV-315 Dancer Blue RV-316 Marseille Blue RV-317 Porto Blue RV-318 Ween Blue RV-319 Tuareg Blue RV-320 Mantra Blue RV-321 April Violet RV-322 Arlet Violet RV-323 Mandala Violet RV-34 Guacamole Green RV-35 Chocolate Brown RV-4003 Erika RV-4010 Magenta RV-47 Clandestine Red RV-50 Solar Orange RV-5005 Dark Blue RV-5013 Navy Blue RV-5018 Turquoise RV-60 Krypton Green RV-6009 Amazonas Green RV-6018 Valley Green RV-6027 Luminouse Green RV-64 Respect Pink RV-7016 Anthracite Grey RV-7040 Pearl Grey RV-7047 Siberian Grey RV-77 Night Red RV-78 Metropolis Grey RV-8023 Mustard RV-86 Boreal Pink RV-87 Stereo Pink RV-88 Single Pink RV-89 Compact Pink RV-90 Bitacora Red RV-91 Pandora Red RV-92 Gaudi Red RV-93 Stendhal Red RV-94 Dingo Brown RV-95 Tana Brown RV-96 Montserrat RV-97 Chiapas Brown RV-98 Bean Brown RV-99 Glace Brown + 97 more
maximo mad maxxx 750 ml
Unit price €10,60 / l
Anonymous Violet Black Electric Blue Light Yellow Paris Green Silver Vivid Red Weiß + 5 more
nitro 2g 500 ml
Unit price €11,50 / l
Black Divinity White Guacomole Green Intense Red Light Blue Light Yellow Silver Chrome Navy Blue Ohne Farbe Orange Vampire Violet + 8 more
water based 300 ml
Unit price €23,00 / l
Fluorescent Blue Fluorescent Green Fluorescent Pink Fluorescent Red Fluorescent Yellow RV-1013 Titanium Light RV-102 Azo Orange Pale RV-1021 Cadmium Yellow Medium RV-105 Azo Orange Light RV-124 Phthalo Green Light RV-127 Brillant Green Deep RV-131 Grey Green Deep RV-135 Naples Yellow RV-137 Raw Umber RV-139 Raw Umber Deep RV-14 Blue Green Deep RV-154 Prussian Blue Deep RV-167 Blue Violet Deep RV-169 Blue Violet Dark RV-173 Dioxazine Purple RV-174 Dioxazine Purple Deep RV-177 Azo Yellow Deep RV-179 Grey Green RV-2004 Azo Orange RV-209 Azo Orange Deep RV-21 Emerald Green RV-211 Quinacridone Rose RV-213 Red Violet RV-214 Dioxazine Purple Light RV-217 Cerulean Blue RV-219 Turquoise Green RV-220 Emerald Green Light RV-221 Emerald Green Deep RV-222 Cadmium Yellow Light RV-223 Cadmium Red Light RV-224 Blue Violet Light RV-225 Blue Violet RV-234 Blue Green Dark RV-235 Brillant Yellow Green Light RV-236 Brilliant Yellow Green RV-241 Naphtol Red Deep RV-254 Phthalo Green Blue RV-263 Neutral Grey Deep RV-264 Yellow Ocre RV-265 Raw Sienna RV-266 Burnt Umber RV-28 Dioxazine Purple Dark RV-29 Phthalo Blue Light RV-30 Prussian Blue RV-3004 Carmine RV-302 Warm Grey Light RV-3020 Naphtol Red RV-303 Warm Grey Medium RV-321 Dioxazine Purple Pale RV-322 Cadmium Red Pale RV-323 Quinacridone Rose Light RV-324 Red Violet Deep RV-325 Blue Violet Pale RV-326 Phthalo Blue Pale RV-327 Cobalt Blue Pale RV-328 Ultramarine Blue Deep RV-329 Phthalo Green RV-330 Naples Yellow Deep RV-331 Warm Grey Pale RV-332 Warm Grey Deep RV-333 Brillant Yellow Green Medium RV-334 Brillant Yellow Green Deep RV-335 Brillant Yellow Green Dark RV-336 Primary Blue Pale RV-337 Primary Blue Light RV-338 Primary Blue RV-339 Primary Blue Deep RV-34 Brilliant Light Green RV-340 Primary Blue Dark RV-341 Blue Green Pale RV-342 Blue Green Light RV-343 Blue Green RV-344 Grey Green Pale RV-345 Grey Green Light RV-346 Grey Green Dark RV-347 Azo Orange Dark RV-4010 Quinacridone Magenta RV-5002 Ultramarine Blue RV-6 Neutral Grey Pale RV-6018 Brilliant Green RV-68 Cobalt Blue RV-69 Cobalt Blue Light RV-7016 Neutral Grey Dark RV-7040 Neutral Grey RV-7047 Neutral Grey Light RV-9010 Titanium White RV-9011 Carbon Black + 89 more

In 1993, founder Jordi was still working for a paint company and noticed that in one particular region, sales of spray cans were much higher than elsewhere. This gave Jordi the idea to propose to his employer a series of spray cans, specially adapted to the needs of graffiti & street art artists. The employer declined, and in 1994 Jordi and his friend Miguel founded Montana Colors, the first company to produce spray cans specifically for graffiti. By the mid-90s, the company had already expanded and had a distribution network throughout Europe. With the development of the MTN Hardcore spray cans, the Fat Caps with pink dot and the gray Banana Skinny Caps, MTN was and is the pioneer for many useful achievements in graffiti. In the late 90's, MTN expanded further into North and South America and became a global brand. The "color donut," the round thing at the top of the spray can that is supposed to reflect the hue, is also an MTN invention. To this day, MTN produces its spray paints, artist supplies and art accessories in its production facility near Barcelona, so MTN is Made in Spain. In our online shop you can find spray cans from MTN and other graffiti supply. In our store in Berlin-Kreuzberg we also offer everything from MTN.